Limb Five — Harmony: Balance and Perspective

By BijaB

Stop for a moment to notice and reflect on the imbalance: How have I been affected?

Harmony is the action of bringing things into balance and putting a problem into perspective. As Limb Five of Emotional Yoga, it means stepping back and revealing a broader view. But harmony isn't about seeing the larger external landscape; it's about seeing the larger internal landscape. You have to draw your attention to the inner realm in order to find it.

If there is a painful emotion indicating that something is out of harmony, it becomes like a lump in the back of your throat. Once you feel it, it's up to you to find out what's causing it, and it doesn't take a sophisticated attunement to do this. You need only to withdraw within and explore, even for a moment.

Nature has already endowed your body with the proper instincts for creating emotional harmony and balance. You know when you are uncomfortable or out of sorts. You simply need to focus in and learn how to listen to what you need. Like the jet pilot navigating the skies, continuously guiding and steering his plane up, down, and in various directions, you can navigate your emotional balance.

Every day the influences of your life change. Your food, exercise, sleep, and emotional states continuously move you into and out of balance. Everything you feel, smell, hear, see, or taste has an effect. Once you recognize you are out of balance and can identify how, you can do something about it.

If you wake up in the morning and still feel hurt from a disagreement you had the night before, the quality of harmony within you recognizes it. Harmony tells you whether you are too hot or too cold, if you need more or less of something, if you feel joy or sadness.

Harmony keeps you in tune. It's like a scale that gives you a sense of your balance or imbalance. But you are the one who needs to check and double-check, to find out what feels amiss and where. Then you can ask yourself: What do I need to get back into harmony again?

You can't stay in a state of perfect harmony all the time. You must expect cycles of confusion and clarity and realize that obstacles will appear. Very often, without knowing it, you will slip out of sync again. At times like this, stop for a moment to notice and reflect on the imbalance: How have I been affected? How does it feel? This strategy of making the unconscious conscious reduces the impact of imbalance and prevents it from throwing you off. With harmony, you can always settle within and find out what you need to feel more comfortable and whole.

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