Breathing for Health and Wellness

Thousands of years ago the great Eastern sages discovered that breath tapped directly into the link between man and nature, between body and mind. These discoveries evolved into a science that was used to heal the body-mind, optimize health, increase longevity, reduce stress and dissolve fear, and develop higher states of consciousness.

Learning to Breathe Introduces Us to the World Around Us

Breathing is the expression of life, the pulsation of all that exists. Everything in creation breathes—it is in the movement of the stars, the planets, the earth, the ocean waves, the wind in the trees. These impulses, these frequencies, these rhythms of creation, are expressions of the universal breath of life. This living breath is the same breath that exists within our own bodies.

Breath is the fundamental link between all things in nature. It is our conscious relationship to life. Breathing connects our awareness to every movement, every thought, every emotion we have.

Mental Health Benefits of Practical, Mindfulness Breathing

How we breathe is how we live. And the way we breathe can allow us to recover our wholeness, our balance of body and mind, and our mental and emotional regulation. Creating a living balance simply means restoring our memory of wholeness, connecting us back to the source of our consciousness. Our breath keeps us in contact with this source, uniting our individual life with all of life.

As we learn to breathe we reawaken the natural flow of our breath. We begin to heal ourselves and return to wholeness. By using the breath to move our attention within the body, we explore the ever-shifting flow of energy that creates our inner experience. We begin to develop a conscious familiarity with ourselves. We begin to discover the powerful intelligence that is already breathing within us. We begin Breathing into Life.


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