Global Wellness Institute Ambassador

Bija is an ambassador of the Global Wellness Institute, playing a critical role in their mission to empower wellness worldwide.


The Global Wellness Institute is a non-profit research organization with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness. GWI’s research, programs and initiatives have been instrumental in the growth of the $4.2 trillion global wellness economy—and in uniting the health and wellness industries worldwide.

GWI facilitates collaboration, provides global research and insight, triggers innovation, and advocates for growth and sustainability. Through its four foundational pillars: research, industry initiatives, roundtable discussions and, the GWI serves as a hub that informs and connects key stakeholders capable of impacting the overall wellness of our planet and its citizens.

Chair, GWI Yoga Therapy Initiative

The GWI Yoga Therapy Initiative was created in 2019 by Bija Bennett, the Global Wellness Institute and Initiative members to promote the ancient, evolving and multidimensional science of Yoga Therapy and define it as an emerging wellness modality for the 21st century.





Yoga Therapy Initiative Trends

2023 Trends

Trend 1: Increased Recognition of Yoga vs. Yoga Therapy
Trend 2: The Exponential Growth of YogaBeyond the Tipping Point
Trend 3: Expansion of Training Programs in Yoga Therapy Education Worldwide 
Trend 4: Growing Integration of Yoga Therapy within the US Department of Veterans Affairs Whole Health Initiative 
Trend 5: Yoga Tourism Bounces Back Post-Pandemic
Trend 6: The Proliferation of Sound Healing within Yoga Therapy as a Healing Technique
Trend 7: Yoga Therapy Advocates and Thought Leaders Sharing Airwaves on Podcasts

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2022 Trends

Trend 1: Yoga Industry Continues Exponential Growth
Trend 2: Yoga Practitioners Embrace Social Media
Trend 3: Yoga Therapy Sees Rising Demand
Trend 4: Yoga Therapy Gains Traction with Medical Establishment
Trend 5: Corporate Wellness Programs Embrace Yoga

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2021 Trends

Trend 1: Emergence of Yoga Therapy as holistic and healing wellness modality
Trend 2: Integration of Yoga Therapy into healthcare, a complement to modern medicine
Trend 3: Breathing as therapy for mind-body health
Trend 4: Individual assessment and care vs. group classes
Trend 5: Growth in certification of yoga therapists nationally and globally, recognition as a viable profession
Trend 6: Integrating and leveraging technology in Yoga Therapy

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