“Bija has a profound gift for making the spirit of yoga accessible.”
—Deepak Chopra


The Yoga Therapy Renaissance: A New Wellness Modality for the 21st Century

Learn more about Yoga Therapy—its origins, evolution, growth and applications across industries—and its vast potential for modern healthcare.

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The True Ethos of Yoga, Organic Spa Magazine

“A thoughtful reflection from one of yoga’s most skilled practitioners that this magnificent, ancient practice is so much more than an exercise in fitness.”

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Entertaining presentations through personal storytelling, wellness strategies and accessible mind-body techniques that take you to higher states of health and wellbeing



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An internationally known wellness and lifestyle pioneer—and an outstanding communicator who conveys the tenets of mind-body health in remarkably accessible and engaging ways

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Bija B
  • “Bija is—very simply put—a powerful, dynamic teacher.”

  • “Bija Bennett weaves an authentic understanding of yogic principles with her creative artistic mastery, making the profound teachings of this ancient tradition available for the modern reader.”

    GARY KRAFTSOW, Founder, American Viniyoga Institute
  • “Bija’s writings are highly accessible and incorporate an up-to-the-minute synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.”

  • “Bija helps you unlock your deepest potential and takes you to higher states of health and well-being.”

  • “I have seen how transformative Bija’s teachings can be. I have watched her work with individuals in a clinical setting as well as with groups at my workshops around the world. She has a profound gift for making the spirit of yoga accessible.”


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A passionate transformer and change agent who promotes an emerging wellness paridigm that addresses the whole person in interconnectred ways

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