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Build and maintain personal wellness strategies for life.

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Stress is Personal

Stress is personal.

I can tell you what it feels like — but I can't know your stress and you can't know mine.

Everybody's got their own private form of stress. Yet stress is a human thing; it’s a condition in which the human system responds to the demands for change.


The Breathing Breakthrough

Everything You Need to Know to Sharpen Your Focus, Worry Less, and Live Longer 

(Balboa Press, 2016)

If it feels like your stress is killing you, it might be.

So let's get serious. You have to find ways to manage your stress or you can never be fully healthy.

Breathing is simply the most personal and powerful stress reduction tool you have.

No matter what your age or condition, you can significantly impact your energy, focus, brain and immune strength, sleep, happiness, intimacy — even sex — when you breathe.

In "The Breathing Breakthrough" Bija Bennett teaches you how to create personal healing strategies for life.




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