“Bija is, very simply put, a powerful, dynamic teacher.”
– Wayne W. Dyer

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Bija is redefining the way we think about and experience wellness, innovating and pushing traditional boundaries. Through these paths, she hopes to educate and inspire you and those around you towards a life of better health and wellbeing.

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Inspirational. Motivational. Bija Bennett is an internationally respected author, speaker and business leader, whose practice focuses on the tenets of mind-body health

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It’s always good to learn new ways of healing that your body, mind and lifestyle can cope with. We hope you find inspiration in these videos to practice something new — because when you do something new, something new happens!

Video: The Workout
Feeling Great Again – Strength
Video: Stress Reduction
Feeling at Home - Relaxation
Video: Finding Focus
Feeling Clarity of Mind - Concentration
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The Wellness Cloud is Bija’s collection of integrated wellness content — articles, videos, practices and tools — for personal healing and self-growth.


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