Transform How You Think, Feel, and Work

Bija Bennett Brings Real-time Restoration to All Audiences

How can you work better? 

How can you focus more? 

How can you find an inner sense of peace?

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Wellness is your most imporant asset—get inspired by an engaging and charismatic thought-leader. Hire Bija to speak at your next event.

An engaging, lively, and charismatic speaker, Bija
provides powerful wellness strategies and personal practices based in cutting-edge science for individuals and leaders.

Internationally respected author and wellness expert, Bija Bennett brings mind-body health to individuals and groups in any setting. Her interactive and results-oriented teaching methods engage people to achieve personal and professional results by taking an active role in designing their health.


Bija teaches audiences to:

    • Build a personal manifesto for staying well
    • Cultivate lifestyle choices for optimal work-life balance
    • Identify stress: learn how to manage, avoid it, or put it to use
    • Improve mental performance and success
    • Practice emotional intelligence and learning
    • Deepen their quality of life
    • Achieve personal transformation and growth


Optimal wellness comes from a continuous style of living where self-care counts every single day.

Enhance your personal and professional outcomes with healthier and more engaging life strategies.


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