The Yoga Therapy Renaissance: A New Wellness Modality for the 21st Century

A joint publication by Bija Bennett and industry experts – with the Global Wellness Institute

Discover the many ways Yoga Therapy can be applied to health care, education, in industry settings, communities and organizations—to help our world heal, grow and thrive.


“Yoga Therapy is a growing industry that has the potential to transform aspects of human healing and wellness management in fundamental ways. Built on a millennia of proven teachings and traditions and backed by a profound body of knowledge, Yoga Therapy has a pivotal role in shaping the global wellness landscape.”

—The Global Wellness Institute Yoga Therapy Initiative

  • Learn how Yoga Therapy is a modern wellness modality built on millennia of proven teachings and traditions
  • Uncover the science behind Yoga Therapy and its differentiation from mainstream yoga, both as a practice and as a profession
  • Read compelling medical research substantiating the effectiveness of Yoga Therapy in promoting health and wellbeing
  • Explore the influence of Yoga Therapy on the global wellness economy, highlighting its emergence as an industry trendsetter

Yoga Therapy is not just a trend—it is an ancient yet modern science poised to reshape the landscape of human healing and wellbeing in profound ways.

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