Wellness is a renewable energy that can light up the world!

In 2015, the UNITED NATIONS adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainability with 17 Sustainable Development Goals and a blueprint for peace and prosperity.

In 2017, the World Wellness Weekend was launched as a pro-bono event on the third weekend of September (after the Harvest Moon and just before the Equinox) to promote “Good Health and Wellbeing for All” (SDG 3). Professionals in Fitness, Hospitality, Tourism, Beauty, Spa are encouraged to open their doors and organize one fun and free collective activity to improve the vitality and serenity of guests, staff and local residents.

World Wellness Weekend is now celebrated in 147 countries, from sunrise in Fiji on Friday 15 until sunset in Hawaii on Sunday 17 September 2023.

Record-breaking 6,000 venues appear on the World Wellness Map with a geo-locator to offer group in-person, and online sessions, to inspire and empower millions of people to be more active more often with family, colleagues, and wellness buddies.

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World Wellness Weekend encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves by exploring and experiencing the benefits of five Pillars of Wellness: SLEEP & Creativity, NUTRITION & Immunity, MOVEMENT & Vitality, MINDFULNESS & Serenity, SENSE OF PURPOSE & Solidarity.

Yoga Therapy is one of the world’s earliest systems of holistic health and self-care: low-tech, easily accessible, and an evidence-based system of health care that can be used and applied to a full spectrum of conditions, from chronic disease and mental health to aging and personal growth.

As a proud sponsor of World Wellness Weekend, Bija gives you access to engaging YogaAway™ sessions you can practice at home, outdoors or on-the-go in order to improve your sleep, stamina, posture, flexibility and mental focus for personal transformation and growth.


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