Wellness Is More Than A Buzzword

Today, an internet search for the term “wellness” yields over 1.5 trillion hits. There’s wellness travel, wellness tech, wellness foods, wellness real estate, wellness workplaces and more. The sheer volume of the term’s usage begs the obvious:  What does wellness really mean? While it  came into use the mid-17th century to express the opposite of illness, in the mid-20th century—1946 to be exact—it got a far broader definition from the World Health Organization:  “a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing—not merely the absence of disease.”

Wellness is a significant concept that offers us clear direction for how we should live today—holistically. Only then can we achieve physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Bija promotes an integrated approach to educating people and companies about wellness—using the technologies of ancient healing models and modern science with a results-oriented focus. Her innovative teachings are derived from ancient yogic traditions used as a form of integrative medicine that fosters healing. These powerful strategies for wellness not only create the foundation of Bija’s advisory work; they serve as the core of everything she does.

Learn about The Optimal Wellness Model and the Six Key Principles — essential resources to help you consciously sustain and increase your ability to stay well for life.