Create a Spiritual Connection with Nature

Nature is the closest phenomenon that links us to wha is sacred, higher and emotionally whole. Nature is filled with feelings of the whole. The church of the earth is the greatest church of all; the temple of the forest is the greatest temple there is or ever could be; and the altar of the mountain is the most natural altar.

The practice of going out into the natural world and bonding deeply with the healing power of the wild is the most ancient, primordial path of emotional and spiritual cultivation we know.

Embrace the Spirit of Communing

  • Go out with the spirit of communing with nature and you’ll find yourself in a love affair with the earth the trees, the plants, the birds and the streams
  • Relax and open yourself to the spiritual experience of the naturalness of what is in front of you. Stay quiet, walk, listen, and let go of the agitations of your body and mind
  • Smell the air, and feel the spaciousness of the sky. Notice the continuum of life happening all around you
  • Relax, pay attention, and get out of your own way. Let a sense of peace envelope you

Let Go of Your Expectations

  • Allow yourself to notice what you see, feel, hear and touch.
  • Lie down on the ground or lean against a tree trunk and notice your physical body’s sensations. Let yourself melt into the tree or the ground. Be a part of nature
  • Does the rhythm of your breathing change? Is your heart still as heavy as it was? Are you gathering more energy once again?

Take Advantage of Surprises

  • Experience everything. Take advantage of surprises; the closeness of a deer, a bird, or a squirrel, a downpour, a cloud formation, or anything else. Often, these moments open you to tremendous expansion and clarity
  • Go out into parks, forests, or mountains. Find a secluded beach or canyon
  • In the beginning, you might feel a little bit unsure or even scared. But as you become familiar with the process, you’ll be amazed at the profound depths to which you can go

Practice the Art of Communing with Nature

Communing with nature is not a very complicated practice. You have only to go outdoors, attune yourself, and commune with the abundant life already there waiting for you. Notice, explore, and go deep into “great nature’s extraordinary beauty and vitality, and its energy will start to manifest inside you. Spending time in nature and connecting to it will bring you tremendous emotional fulfillment and restore you as a total, integrated human being.



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