In every ritual, from the simplest to the most elaborate, from the spiritual to the mundane, the steps involved are very much the same:  geometry, structure, rhythm, and intent.

Use these steps as ideas and suggestions for creating your own personal ritual. Then, whatever you choose to do, do it simply. It doesn’t have to be fancy or take too long. It need only be regular and full of intention and meaning.

Step 1 — Geometry

Set the symbolic elements before you, such as a candle, a picture, incense, a religious icon, a vase of flowers, an altar, and situate yourself in a certain relationship to these things. Define your sacred space, the physical space where you begin your ritual.

You may choose to add quiet, soothing music or turn down the lights. Create your own special environment where you can share your deepest intentions.

Many people create altars or small shrines for their meditations or prayers. Make one in your office, at home, in your car, or in a small section of your yard. Having an altar is a way to pack emotional faith into your everyday life. Personal altars tell as story, from the gifts to the photos to the beads. Yet, it’s not the objects that are important, but the faith in these objects that make them emotional sacred.

(Steps 2 – 4 coming in my next posts!)

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