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I’ve always wondered why certain people are considered “powerful.” What is it that gives great leaders an aliveness and intensity that often makes for a creative and influential life?

I believe that personal power comes from a source that resides inside a person. It is not vested by the position or rank that he or she holds. Rather, it is something within them that allows them to go deep inside first, and then they come out and bring it into the world.

How to Create Personal Power

Personal power works on different levels. Developing personal power is kind of magical, actually — that’s why it takes more than just managing your time, achieving your goals, or having self-discipline to get it.

Personal power means full engagement. When your personal development includes physical energy, emotional connection, mental focus, and the ability to tap into a deeper level of conscious awareness — all at the same time — you are fully engaged.

This is personal power.

Increase Your Personal Power—What is Power Posing?

What science says: Child psychologist Amy Cuddy utilizes “power posing” to teach children confidence. Holding a power posture even in the absence of confidence has a “tremendous positive ripple effect”. Cuddy’s research reveals that, “holding one of these poses for just two minutes can literally alter your hormones. One can experience a significant increase in dominance hormones (testosterone) and a reduction in stress hormones (cortisol)”.

Embrace Your Personal Power

Watch Power Concentration Workout for building energy and strength.



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