The Art of Rest

By BijaB

Exchange thinking for feeling, as your awareness becomes less focused in a particular direction.

One of the most elegant ways to witness the landscape of your body-mind is during a state of rest. In this exercise, your body and mind are completely relaxed and your awareness is acute. 

Savasana, the Corpse Pose, helps you drop your thinking mind and move into the realm of pure feeling, pure awareness. Although Savasana is a deceptively simple relaxation posture, practicing it is an art.

— Lie on your back in a comfortable position. You may want to support your head and knees with a pillow. Place your legs slightly apart and your hands by your sides, about six inches away from your body, with your palms turned up.

— Allow your chest to open so that your breath can flow smoothly. Make sure your spine is slightly extended and your neck is lengthened. Breathe freely and begin progressively to release the tension in your body. You may start with your head, mouth, hands, or feet, and move your awareness from one part of your body to the next.

— Keep remembering to sense and feel each body part and at the same time feel the space within and around your body. Exchange thinking for feeling, as your awareness becomes less focused in a particular direction.

— Stay in Savasana from 3 to 5 minutes. Rest, and open yourself to the effortless flow of your awareness.

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