Silence + Rest

If you're finding yourself in a vicious cycle of multitasking, distraction, overwhelm, less time, less energy, less sleep, and less focused attention — silence may be the one defense you have. Productivity starts with rejuvenation and rest.

The Art of Taking Time


We must slow down and take time to savor this life. We can go fast sometimes, as long as we take the time regularly to......pause.

In the Bedroom


Many of us have lost our relationship to night. What's worse is that we're losing sleep over it.

A Good Night from YogaAway - Video


Get the best sleep you've had in ages with this simple yoga practice. 

Rest 1 (Uttanasana, Apanasana, Savasana) - Video


This short practice stretches and relaxes your back, calms your mind, and prepares you for a restful night's sleep.

Rest 2 (Uttanasana, Apanasana) - Video


This short practice is relaxing and restful. 

Rest 3 (Apanasana, Savasana) - Video


This short practice lets you drift off to sleep.