Exploring Your Emotions

Exploring your emotions allows you to touch your feelings and the feelings of others. Ultimately, it will help you to heal yourself.

The Fear of Painful Emotions        

Why are we afraid to feel? Emotional energy is poweful, and dealing with it can be scary. In fact, sometimes it's so scary that we completely shut down the flow of our emotions and justify it with a myriad of reasons.

The Healing Power of Emotions


Emotions are physical, not psychological. Scientists are understanding this now. Emotions act as a bridge between our bodies and minds.



"I think I'll go on a walkabout to find out what it's all about," sing the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Ever take a walk and just think about things? You simply start to walk while you're thinking. You keep on walking and addressing the issues. They might be concerns, feelings of stress, or conflicts of intimacy or power....

Flexing Your Emotional Muscles

Whenever you exercise your body and mind, do it to expand yourself rather than to "fix" something.

Nothing about you is faulty.

You Must Have Emotional Chaos


Order is something we all desire, but chaos is everybody's business.

Allow Yourself to Feel


You can't pretend to be emotionally aware. Emotional awareness comes from the ability to pay attention to your emotional states. 

Emotions Matter


Emotions can impact how we perform on tasks, how engaged and creative we are, how we make decisions, and how we affect the environment around us. 

Discerning the Self: Finding Out Who You Are and What You Feel


When you discern your emotions, you become more aware of who you are.

What is Contentment and Why You Need to be Emotionally Messy


Contentment is your natural state of emotional balance. It comes from negotiating with the ever changing nature of your emotions. 

Emptying the Archives


Here is an exercise to help you release negative beliefs arising from the past, uncover hidden emotions and fears, and become more fully involved in the present.