Breathing in Steps

By BijaB

Exhaling in steps helps you to extend, and therefore, quiet your breath.

There is a breathing technique that is done is stages, in steps. It intensifies the effects of breathing and helps you to either quiet or energize your system.

You can reduce some kind of emotional excess in your system, or can nourish and build your emotional self up.

I compare this breathing technique to going down an elevator and stopping at every floor. Like this; Exhale, then pause. Exhale, then pause. All in one out-breath. Then inhale and do it again. Exhale in stages with two pauses in between. Try it again.

Then add a step. Now the elevator stops on three floors before it goes all the way down. Exhale, pause. Exhale, pause. Exhale, pause.

Be aware of how your breath moves in your body. Close your eyes. And really feel your breath.  Breathe slowly. Hearing the sounds and the silences of your breath. Your exhale moves like a wave from the bottom up. It’s a soft gathering at your base as your belly moves towards your spine. Your inhale moves like a wave from the top down. Fill your chest and expand your ribs as you inhale easily, effortlessly.

Elevator music. It’s calming. It helps you to extend and therefore quiet your breath.

Add some more floors. Step by step. Moving with your breath down to the bottom floor.

Mind still. Breath still.

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