Self Help

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Self-Awareness is the conscious knowledge of your thoughts, feelings, motives and desires. Self awareness — with focused energy — equals attention. This is the basis for self-healing.

The Mind-Body Conncection

Life is movement. So keep moving, but do it in style. Put yourself in motion!

Emotional Engagement

Emotional engagement is the ability to recognize, understand and navigate your emotional states. it's a learned process that allows you to heal troubling or challenging emotions, change our attitudes and beliefs and acknowledge the emotions of others.

Silence + Rest

If you're finding yourself in a vicious cycle of multitasking, distraction, overwhelm, less time, less energy, less sleep, and less focused attention — silence may be the one defense you have. Productivity starts with rejuvenation and rest.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a condition in which the human system responds to the demands for change. If that change is perceived as threatening, you system resists and responds, sometimes with alarm. The research is compelling — you have to find ways to manage your stress or you can never be fully healthy.

Conscious Breathing

Research into the respiratory process confirms the quality of your breathing has dramatic effects on both your body and mind. The science of Pranayama, or conscious breathing, uses the breath as a vehicle for healing and balance.

Transformation Through Practice

Notice the continuum of life happening all around you. Relax, pay attention, and get out of your own way.

Managing Your Energy

Guides, practices, and tools to help you renew and manage your energy at every level.