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LIFESCAPE:  A Video Portrait of Marshall Bennett


Three years ago, when I set out to document my father’s life, I re-discovered a man with vision who has the ability to connect people and ideas, not just through his work, but in all aspects of life. His impact is far-reaching in business, medicine, the arts, and global peace. He's been an inspiration to me and I’m honored and proud to share his life with the world.

What began as "The Dad Project"—a personal exploration of my father's legacy in my own life—has culminated into a multi-media installation titled, LIFESCAPE: A Video Portrait of Marshall Bennett.  

Here's the 14-minute version of the larger generative video portrait by Chicago artist Lincoln Schatz, which will debut during an event at the new Roosevelt University building in Chicago - 425 S. Wabash - on April 3, 2014. Lincoln did an extraordinary job of showing the many facets of my father, Marshall. Ken Olsen, the assistant principal cellist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra created a beautiful and moving sound track. On April 4, it will be on view as a permanant installation.

“Marshall is a true legend in real estate and urban planning and development, not just in Chicago but on an international scale,” says Jon DeVries, founding director of the Marshall Bennett Institute. “His ongoing commitment to supporting the Institute and to mentoring students is so greatly appreciated. We are honored to be a beneficiary of his wisdom and generosity and hope this installation will help showcase Marshall and contribute to his legacy.”

Read about the installation in the Chicago Tribune.




Bija Bennett is a poet, performer, philospher, and athlete of the inner self — and an outstanding communicator who is able to convey the tenets of mind-body health in remarkably accessible and engaging ways. An internationally renowned yoga therapist with a Master's Degree in Dance, she is the author of Emotional Yoga (Simon and Schuster), Breathing into Life (HarperCollins), and The Breathing Breakthrough.  Bija created YogaAway, LLC for the hospitality and spa industries, and has worked closely with Deepak Chopra, M.D. treating thousands of patients at his ayurvedic health center and co-leading his seminars around the world. She is currently at work on her new website featuring ancient healing models for entrepreneurial leadership and business.



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