Lifescape Sound Score for Solo Cello - J.S. Bach

By BijaB

Listening to this music leads you through a "tremendously complex maze where everything is comfortably the same and startlingly different at every turn. Then suddenly but inevitably, Bach pulls the entire complexity together in a final cadence, and everything becomes clear."

The complexity, rigour, and the rich variety of voices are reasons we chose these pieces for the sound score of "Lifescape: A Video Portrait of Marshall Bennett" by video artist Lincoln Schatz.

We recorded Ken Olsen performing this piece at Bennett-Gordon Hall at the Ravinia festival in the summer of 2013. Chris Willis was the recording engineer.

The emotional impact of the cello along with Ken's talent brings clarity and awe to the piece.

NOTE: Johann Sebastian Bach's "Six Suites for Solo Cello," are some of the most frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions ever written for cello.

(Photo: Todd Rosenberg)

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