About BijaB

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Who is BijaB?

I am an artist and dancer who has turned from the performing arts to the healing arts, and then back again — to make unique and inspiring books, projects, and films that change the way we work and live.

My own career path has allowed me to be a performer, singer, author, speaker, filmmaker, yoga therapist, business leader, and more. These are the experiences I draw from to share with you what really matters — living a more healthy, balanced, creative, and meaningful life. 

What You'll Find Here

1. Solutions for Health, Renewal, Productivity, and Personal Growth

The most vibrant people I know, and the most socially responsible organizations, all believe that investing in the core needs of themselves — including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts — is essential for sustaining health, energy, and life. 

On this site, I will share with you a range of possibilities that will nurture the life-enhancing energy at the basis of all your actions, feelings, and thoughts. This, I believe, will make you a more joyous person in whatever life requires you to do.

2. Media that Helps You Thrive

Here are profiles, films, books, music, and videos, that I hope, will provoke you to try something new, to risk, and find deep personal transformation and change. I’ve collaborated with artists, musicians, dancers, and filmmakers to create authentic healing practices on a digital platform, where you can go to get a real “internal” experience, away from the barrage of external stimuli constantly bombarding you.

3. Teachings and Practices on Mind-Body Health 

Throughout the site I've designed guides to help you renew, rejuvenate, and re-establish your essential balance. By linking ancient healing models with modern lifestyle choices, you’ll learn to create powerful health changes. I’ll guide you to exercise healthfully, breathe more consciously, focus your mind, sleep better, and simply appreciate yourself more.

4. Personal Stories of Extraordinary People

Learning from the experience of others can impact the way you learn and are present in your life. Teaching, traveling, and studying around the world has allowed me to work with people who stand up and lead campaigns that heal our world. Here, I've made profiles of my teachers, colleagues, and friends so you can hear their ideas and stories, and get as inspired by them as I have. 


One of my missions is to speak strongly to a new generation of people who are interested in holistic health but want to hear it expressed in new ways.

For decades, I've had a close professional association with Deepak Chopra, which included treating thousands of patients at his Ayurvedic clinic and co-leading his seminars around the world. Deepak taught me how to make my teachings accessible to a variety of people and find a warm, down-to-earth way to bring my insights to life.

Teaching with Deepak showed me that holistic health is a personal thing. By making the science and philosophy experiential and hands-on, esoteric principles become easy to incorporate into everyday life.

As a yoga therapist and workshop leader, I've worked with both medical doctors and Ayurvedic physicians treating thousands of people from top CEOs, to athletes and celebrities, to the chronically ill and physically challenged. I've observed all kinds of people in all kinds of conditions, adapting a full-spectrum of programs for individual needs.

In 2004, I partnered with Global Hyatt Corporation and started YogaAway LLC, a program for the community of travelers who are faced with stress and overwhelm all day long. Being a business leader fed my passion for bringing health and wellness to corporate and professional types who need, more than ever, to keep their minds and bodies sane and in balance.

That's why I continue to build strategies for well-being that promote physical energy, emotional awareness, focus, and spiritual purpose. Creating a culture of conscious behaviors is critical for all of us to figure out how to live, no matter who we are or what generation we're from.


People who have said some cool things about Bija:

Deepak Chopra:

"I have seen how transformative Bija's teachings can be. I have watched her work with individuals in a clinical setting as well as with groups at my workshops around the world. She has a profound gift for making the spirit of yoga accessible."

"Exhilarating, refreshing, and rejuvenating, Breathing into Life will liberate you from your old hurts and traumas and release you into the joy of life."

Wayne W. Dyer:

(On Emotional Yoga) "A brilliant design for emotional and spiritual stability. Bija is — very simply put — a powerful, dynamic teacher."

(On Breathing into Life) "Bija's energy comes through on every page. She's a one-of-a-kind genius.

Ken Wilber:

"Emotional Yoga...helps you unlock your deepest potential and takes you to higher states of health and well-being."

Candace B. Pert, PH.D.:

"Bija's writings are highly accessible and incorporate an up-to-the-minute synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science."

"With a fascinating blend of Western artistry and Eastern science, Bija Bennett explains how our breathing, like our emotion, bridges the gulf between body and mind. A useful, poetic manual for enhancing health."

Gary Kraftsow, Founder, American Viniyoga Institute:

"Bija Bennett has woven an authentic understanding of yogic principles with her creative artistic mastery, making the profound teachings of this ancient tradition available for the modern reader."

Tom Terwilliger, Mr. America, National Body Building Champion:

"Training both the mind and body is the key to reaching your peak. In Emotional Yoga, Bija takes you to the next fitness level — strengthening your emotional muscles."

Svend Trier, Quantum Seminars, Denmark:

"Bija is an original interpreter of the ancient yoga tradition. While remaining true to the spirit of yoga, she renews the tradition, gives it a fresh interpretation, and makes yoga more practical and suitable for the challenges of our time."

Alternative Medicine:

"Bennett's approach is credible and appealing, and her book is an inspiring prescription for emotional health."

Yoga Journal:

"Emotional Yoga is unique: I can't call to mind other books devoted to this subject — and so many will find it a useful guide."

The Light Connection:

"Once in a great while, it happens that I pick up a book and feel my energy respond with a huge 'yes!' My initial contact with this book was such an experience."

One Spirit: Resources for the Body, Mind, Spirit:

"Easily adaptable for the novice or advanced student, Bennett's innovative programs help you move past your emotional blocks and attain higher states of health and well-being."

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