Why is a holistic approach so important for your health? And what does it mean for self-healing?

Ancient teachings and modern science concur: your body, mind and emotions are part of one integrated system, and when you influence one aspect of your system, you affect all of it. Whatever point you begin from—whether it’s your body, your thoughts or your emotions—you can change the totality of your system. This is how the mind-body connection works.

Mind doesn’t dominate the body, it “becomes” the body—body and mind are one.

This means that when you activate your body in a positive or negative way, it will have the same impact on your mind. And whatever emotional responses you have, affect what you do, say and how you behave. When you’re physically tired or ill, you’re less likely to be creative, upbeat or calm. Or, when you’re emotionally depressed or down, your posture may reflect how you feel. Everything that is “you” is connected.

Recognizing that you as a human being operate as a whole system helps you find better ways to achieve and maintain your health. The art and science of wellness comes from understanding the importance and power of your body’s dual control—the mind-body connection—as the source and hope of self-healing itself.



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