Continue to come back to your breath and it will become smoother and smoother.

Then comes spontaneity when your breath just moves as it wishes.

It is just as when bathing in a river. At first, you swim by your own strength. But once you are caught in the current

   you are simply carried away.

Enter the rhythms of your breath. Listen and feel what it wants to be. Then you will see that everything proceeds along smoothly and spontaneously.

You know when you have surrendered to your breath. There are signs. You feel a deep sense of delight, a feeling of release and exhilaration.

Go with the currents of your breath

and get carried away.


Learn to use the power of your breath — all it takes is the right breathing lesson.

(Excerpt from Breathing Into Life)

(Photo: Painting by Pedro Covo – Lush paintings of solitary swimmers)



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