Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation (MAC) is a globally-based health and wellness organization running Ayurvedic health centers in the U.S. and Europe. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest health systems developed in India, that promotes holistic dietary habits and lifestyles, including yoga and meditation.

The Challenge:

MAHC (The Maharishi AyurVeda Health Center for Behavioral Medicine and Stress Management) was an award-winning, 5-star health spa located outside of Boston, with extensive treatments designed to help restore overall balance to the body and mind. Missing were branded yoga programs and classes that would rise to the level of the center’s near-hospital status and their existing holistic programming.

The task was to create different offerings for both rejuvenation, and therapeutic healing — designed specifically for patients with challenges ranging from structural issues, MS, cancer, respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular needs, to anxiety and addiction.

The Solution:

Bija used an evidence-based methodologies derived from the yoga therapy and Ayurvedic systems of health. The approach focused on healing principles of adaptation and the application of techniques to help individuals facing health challenges to better manage their conditions. Bija equipped patients and guests with practices, tools, and daily rituals including postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditations, gestures, sounds, and lifestyle recommendations.

The Results:

An internationally recognized yoga therapist, Bija worked with both medical doctors and Ayurvedic physicians treating thousands of people from top CEOs, to athletes and celebrities, to the chronically ill and physically challenged. She created both group classes and private yoga therapy sessions, offering a full-spectrum of programs for individual needs.