A Basic Breath for Healing and Awareness

Practice The Wave one step at a time for several breaths.
Move on to the next step as you feel ready.

I.  Awareness

Sit quietly for a moment
with your eyes closed.
Let your back lengthen and widen
as you delicately release through the back of your neck.

              Fill your body
with your awareness.

Begin to deepen your breath.
And notice
that as you shift your attention
to your breath
your posture begins to change.
Feel the natural relationship
Between your breath
and the movement of your spine.

and observe.

II.  Movement

Now notice
that as you inhale
and fill your upper chest first
your spine naturally lengthens and extends.
It rises and expands as you breathe in slowly and easily.
When you exhale
your spine softens
moving back into the center of your body
as your lower back rounds.
While breathing out
gradually tighten your belly and move it towards your spine.
Keep noticing
the wave-like motion of your spine
as you continue breathing.
Inhaling and exhaling.

                     Stay with the rhythm of your breath.

III.  Breath

When you begin your next inhale
notice that your diaphragm moves downwards
allowing the air
to be drawn in and down.

And when you exhale, notice that your diaphragm moves up
pushing the air up and out.
The inhale moves in and down.  The exhale moves up and out.

As your diaphragm moves
your breath moves.
And as your breath moves
your spine moves.

and breathe.

Through this smooth, gradual, and even flow
of your breath
your body is released back
into its natural motion.

The Wave.

              It’s a magnificent motion of your breath.


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(Excerpt from: Breathing into Life)



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