Stress is personal.

Everybody’s got their own private form of stress.

Yet stress is a human thing; it’s a condition in which the human system responds to the demands for change. The more that change is perceived as threatening to your body and mind, the more your system resists and responds, sometimes with alarm. Add to that the pressures of loss or of change, dealing with the challenges of money or health and intensifying the feelings of powerlessness to do anything about it, and it makes for its own kind of disaster.

Everybody’s stress is worth easing. Everybody’s stress is worth resolving. Because it affects everything and everyone around you. And when it overwhelms your capacity to cope, it can put you at risk.

Whether you’re a student or a mom, a leader in business or simply human, you must listen to your stress. It’s the stress that is carrying the message. Ever try to locate the source of your stress? Where in your body do you feel it? Where are its edges? Deepening the relationship with your stress should be, at least, worth while — even freeing.

As an author and teacher of the inner workings of the body and mind, I’ve discovered that somewhere between the stimulus of stress and your personal response to that stress is a space — and in that space lies the power to change your response. Let me take you there to work with you and lead you through.

I’m not interested in promising you a stress free life. Living with the realities of stress is real and universal. But whatever the distance between a stressed-out life and a life free of stress lies the actual place you can live with and be well. You can look at your stress, learn to recover from it and use it to grow and thrive in spite of adversity.



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