Absolute color occurs only in the mind, not in the outside world.

The red of an apple remains in our minds, but think of how different it looks in the moonlight, or on the branch of a shady tree, or under a fluorescent light.

What happens when you close your eyes? What do you see? Have you ever tried to see without looking? Close your eyes and stay awhile behind your closed eyelids. Let a smile be born behind your lids. Detach your attention from the outside world.

Arrive in inner space behind your eyes, and “lose your sight”. In inner space, you don’t see things in the way you are accustomed to seeing them on the outside. Give all your attention to this “feeling” of seeing.

A Color Meditation

Sit quietly and read the following description. Then close your eyes and allow the colors and images to come into your conscious mind.

Picture the freshness of a meadow of young grass after a rain shower. The grass gleams like a carpet of emerald velvet: bright, tender, and soft. The turquoise-blue morning sky is flushed with white and rosy-gold billowing clouds. Nearby, two tall white birds, pale and slim, walk gracefully in the clear morning light.

Feel the images and colors. Feel yourself surrounded by light and life. Let the images lead you to other feelings, sensations, thoughts.

As your vision begins to fade, sit quietly and rest with your eyes closed. Feel the colors embodying you completely.


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