There’s a revolution in health care that’s going on, and I’m speaking out on what I know best — linking ancient healing models with modern lifestyle choices to create powerful health changes.

Many people, including physicians, have become disillusioned by the old, yet prevailing materialistic interpretation of illness and health. But there’s revolution in health care emerging that’s based largely on insights from ancient traditions where healing and spirituality are linked.

Healing models view the human body as more than a mere life-support system: rather, it’s a vehicle for lifelong wellness and for realizing perfect health.

These ancient teachings provide us with new ways to understand the link between the body and mind. Body, mind, along with our attitudes and behaviors are in fact, an integral part of health care and one of the most important elements of the healing process itself.

While many of the ancient systems of mind-body health are over 5,000 years old, their approach is clearly modern. Integrative medicine is based on these insights.

Principles of the Mind-Body Approach:

— The human system is a wholistic and interrelated system.

— The mind, body, and emotions are inextricably connected.

— When you partake in a health and healing experience, you create a conscious influence and change in the overall body and mind.

— Any influence upon one aspect of the system will affect every other aspect

— You may choose to begin with the body, the breath, your food, or your relationships — whatever the point of beginning, you change the totality of the entire system.

— Whether you resort to the use of medications, external therapies, or shifts in behavior or consciousness, the “art of healing”  may be achieved when dynamic equilibrium is restored.

— Caring for your health involves caring for your whole life.

What Really Matters is the series of personal choices you make:

— Cultivating your body

— Sustaining vital energy

— Building your immunity

— Focusing the power of your mind

— Developing and refining your senses

— Empowering your emotions

— And creating health-producing behaviors to support your spiritual and personal growth

The potential for self-care and healing is founded on these thoughts.

I believe that all comprehensive and integrated paths — including yoga — are a source of hope and promise for everyone, especially now. While never before has there been access to so many technologies of transformation, or to so much knowledge about the spectrum of human possibility, never before have these inner technologies been so desperately needed. But it’s going to take renewed effort and attention to embrace as many holistic priorities as you can.

The challenge always leads us back to “self-awareness” — of your physical health, your mental focus, your moods and behaviors, your values. The more you can be aware of yourself, and others; make your unconscious, conscious, gain clarity to see more of the truth — you are developing mind-body skills essential for thriving in a complex world.

On Creating Health:

Changing your actions, thoughts, and feelings; generating happiness in yourself and others, and making your life more positive are not mysterious talents. They are learned skills that come when you realize that you can change your health, and there is something you can do about it.

Taking the time to pay attention to your health makes you become an active force in designing your health. Once you begin to take full responsibility for whatever you generate in your body-mind, extraordinary consequences will appear.

This is what healing looks like now:

— Deciding to create successful new routines and activating these routines:

— Exercising healthfully, sleeping more regularly, reducing stress, going out in nature, and adding mind-body skills.

— Learning to meditate, practicing breathing, focusing the senses — and simply appreciating yourself more.

Finding new ways of healing that your body, mind, and life-style can cope with means finding your own style of practice that makes you happy.

Over time, and through sustained and committed effort, you can achieve a revolution of sorts — creating both personal change — and societal healing.

Check out this powerful healing strategy and watch my video on Stress Reduction.

(Photo: Bija Bennett, Chenni, India 2013)



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