Stay with yourself as your fresh emotional breezes turn around out of nowhere. Now, suddenly overcast, your feelings thicken like clouds and turn to rain.

Then what? Can you acknowledge them?

Let them drizzle in through your body as you breathe. It feels like showers pouring. Teeming sometimes. When the storm rages around you.

In a crisis, you desperately try to control and solve it. Your frustrations are like sleet glazing your face.

They sting. Gales blow.

But watch as the wind veers. 

          Breathe, observe, and discover how your emotions shift and move. This warming, melting comes. Then soft soothing breezes are stroking your skin again.

Enjoy that airy space

that breathes deeply, rhythmically within you.

The sky has cleared. Bringing renewed sensations of quiet and calm. Flowing in energy-air.

Your fresh breezes. 

       Feel them. Breathe them.


Enjoy the full experience — get the book, “Breathing into Life”.

(Excerpt from: Breathing into Life)



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