Faith—in yourself rather than religious creed—is an important element in yoga. It comes directly from the trust you have in your own highest self, not necessarily the trust you have in a higher power. If you don’t have faith in yourself, there’s nothing you can gain, even from a deity you revere. Faith in something beyond you, is there only to strengthen your faith in you. You have to have faith in yourself to become who you are.

The point of having faith is to bring meaning to your life over time, to connect you to what is emotionally deep inside. Having faith, you learn to have faith—in God, in yourself, in life. Faith is a relationship that touches the heart.

The Bliss Technique

Here’s a practice you can do at any time or from anywhere, to deepen your inner experience and bring your awareness back to the self. From this deepest self is where you can find faith:

  • Sit or remain lying down and let your breathing be free. Rest your attention deep within the heart.
  • Now feel the silence. Keeping your eyes closed, be aware of the silence—and stay in that silence.
  • Keep your eyes closed, and have awareness in every cell of your body. Feel your whole body. Your body is a living, dynamic field of energy and intelligence; of conscious awareness—bliss.
  • Just have a faint idea, an intention of bliss. Feel the bliss everywhere in your body. The Self is lively, everywhere in your body. Perfect balance. Perfect integration. Perfect order. Pure consciousness. Pure knowledge. Effortlessly keep your attention in your body until it bubbles with energy and bliss.
  • Bring your awareness back and begin gradually to awaken your hands, fingers, toes, and then your whole body. Let your body breathe without hurry. Yawn, stretch, as you open your eyes slowly.



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