Winter can be a personal time to re-evaluate and hibernate and just think about things.

It can be a moment when you simply stop — and inspect who and what you are, reaffirm the reason why you’re here, and let your internal refuge guide you through.

Deep inquiry and attention is an actual experience from which your spiritual life depends. It demands that you feel the presence of your life at all times. Granted, all the times of your life are moments and mysteries to be cherished. But the moments when you are acutely aware are truly the most pure.

These are the moments that lead you into a meditative state while you still embody the world, and take you to a higher state of living.

Living in the present means that you turn to face the world and merge with whatever is there — the freshly fallen snow, the teal blue sea, the universe in its immensity and power. This is how the moments of your life get experienced. You get to experience them, which is a privilege. When you are one with whatever you see, you will see things in a way you weren’t able to before.

For in this very moment, there is no resistance to what is there, and there is nothing more to know.

Reflect and inquire. Use “Emotional Yoga” as your guide.

(Photo: Starved Rock, Winter 2016)



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