(Photo: Anoka Faruqee, Koenig & Clinton, New York)


Do you think that you are

being lazy

             when you are not doing something?

Do you think that you are

wasting your time

             when you are simply

                                   just being there?

       There’s nothing wrong

with just sitting still and watching.

Maybe real laziness

is when

        your mind is unaware of its own reactions.

Or when you’re not paying attention to what is going on

        inside you.

This is when you’re really asleep.

Quite frankly

        your restless mental wanderings

                  have nothing to do with

                             knowing or learning anything.


                  if you allow yourself

                         to be watchful

                               of the trees

                                      or the wind

                                             or the people

                                                    or your breath

                                you can make some brilliant discoveries.

                        Using your breath is most convenient.

It is always there

                               and it immediately leads you

                                         to the knowledge of what is happening

                                                right now.

                                         This is good to know.

                              For when the next time comes

that you are frantically pushing

               or frustrated

                        or working all day to achieve what you want

               you can get a little lazy

 and just watch yourself


                        your breath.


Be Lazy — and hang out with my book of poetry on the breath, “Breathing into Life“.