This short and fast yoga practice uses a method to focus your mind by linking your attention to the movements of your body via your breath.

It includes a simple series of standing, kneeling and supine postures, all of which use contralateral movements to stimulate both hemispheres of your brain.

Breathing Exercises to Improve Your Focus

To increase the focusing effects, the practice ends with two breathing techniques:

  1. Anuloma Ujjayi – a pranayama (breathing) technique that asks you to inhale using the ujjayi glottal contraction at the back of your throat, and then exhale through alternate nostrils.
  2. Viloma Ujjayi – a pranayama technique that asks you to exhale using the ujjayi glottal contraction, and then inhale through alternate nostrils.

Anuloma is designed to calm you down, and the alternate nostril Viloma technique, is designed to energize you. Notice in general, that your exhalation tends to have a more calming effect, whereas your inhalation has a more stimulating effect.

Try both practices and see if you can feel the difference.

This distinct yoga practice helps you increase concentration and sharpen your focus. Asymmetrical movements and breathing exercises increasingly bring focus to your body and mind, while promoting concentration, clarity of mind, and the ability to sustain your attention without distraction.

Benefits of this yoga for focus practice: focusing, clarifying, attention-building.


What is Viniyoga?



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