This powerful yoga practice builds energy, vitality, and courage while calming and purifying your nervous system. Carefully adapted movement and deep breathing exercises calm the mind and body, to relieve stress and tension.

Yoga Poses that Calm the Mind

The beginning of this sequence starts off strong, in order to match a heightened or stressful emotional and physical state. The retention of breath in some of the postures, continues to encourage a state of arousal. Once your body is significantly challenged, the sequence transforms to include slower and longer movements with breath suspension. These yoga postures deeply relax the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety. By the time you’ve finished this yoga practice you will feel restored and relaxed with a calm center. This state will allow you to maintain balance even in the midst of stressful circumstances. Benefits: calming, stabilizing, energizing



Benefits: calming, stabilizing, energizing



What is Viniyoga?


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