2-minute Yoga Practice for Neck, Shoulder and Back Tension

Dvipada Pitham, also known as Bridge Pose, is presented here as a sequence of asymmetrical movements synchronized with the breath. It is 2-minute yoga practice that can help you relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Among many benefits of bridge pose—such as building strength and increased flexibility—it also sharpens attention and develops mind body coordination.

While the practice of yoga is designed to make you resilient, flexible and strong, both emotionally and physically, it’s also used therapeutically to help you feel better or improve a symptom or condition.

Try this unique version of Dvipada Pitham:

  • Lie on your back with your arms at your side; bend your knees with feet flat on the floor, hip distance apart
  • Inhale, press down with your feet, lift your hips and raise one arm over your head to the floor behind you, and at the same time, raise the other arm only half way (you will alternate arms with each repetition)
  • Exhale, gradually lower your hips and arms back down, simultaneously, slowly rolling your spine down to the floor vertebrae by vertebrae
  • Follow the repetitions in the video, linking your movement and breath


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