This calming breathing exercise, Rechaka Ujjayi Pranayama or Victorious Exhalation Exercise, is good to do anytime you feel anxious, upset or fearful. This yoga practice uses a sequence of breathing ratios that encourages deep breathing, lengthening inhalation and exhalation, and holding your breath on the exhale. Notice the link between your breath and the movement of your spine and ribs. Observe how you feel after following this calming breathing practice.

Pranayama Breathing – A Calming Breathing Exercise

Breathing is one of the greatest secrets of yoga—if you practice it with sincerity, you will obtain emotional healing powers beyond your imagination. That’s why it’s important to choose a yoga breathing technique that supports what’s happening in your mind and body system right now. In other words, you decide what you need and when you need it by acknowledging your physical and emotional state.

Bask in the inner stillness that pervades you when you breathe.

Benefits: relaxing, stabilizing, stress releasing


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