Try Cobra Pose to Relieve Lower Back Stiffness

Raise of hands: do you ever feel stiffness in your low back from sitting too much all day? At least for the past year, many of us can say yes.

In most cases, as you sit, your low back is in a flexed position. In other words, it’s rounded. One of the strategies of Viniyoga therapy, is to take yourself in the opposite direction of what you’re doing all day, as a counter position.

Bhujangasana, or Cobra pose, is a backbend that can be used as a counter-pose to slumping in your chair.

As you practice the Cobra pose, you will contract the muscles of your low back while simultaneously stretching the front of your body. When followed by a simple forward bend, this posture can help bring blood flow and circulation to the lower back area while relieving tightness and pain.

Try this 2-minute version from my YogaAway videos that engages and stabilizes the muscles of your low back.


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