Flowing Yoga Practice Promotes Concentration and Focus

This distinct yoga practice uses the technique of vinyasa, a way of linking postures together to form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath.

There are five postures in this 10-minute sequence: Vajrasana and Chakravakasana, Salabhasana and Ardha Salabhasana, and Apanasana.

The first vinyasa is comprised of two forward bending postures that stretch the low back while using contralateral movements in sync with the breath. This technique helps you increase concentration and sharpen your focus. The backbending asymmetrical movements in the next vinyasa strengthen the musculature in the back while furthering mental focus by using right/left action. A counter pose follows to round out the sequence.

This powerful practice promotes concentration, clarity of mind, and gives you the ability to sustain your attention without distraction, leaving you calm, focused and alert.

Benefits: focusing, clarifying, attention-building


What is Viniyoga?



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