Let’s craft your personal wellness strategy together, using my survey, “Audit Your Wellness”. This personal wellness quiz is designed to assess your current state of wellness in five dimensions—body, energy, mind, behavior, and spirituality.

After you’ve completed all the questions, you’ll receive an email summary of your scores—along with key tips and ideas you can use for your personal transformation and growth.

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Long before modern science validated the connection between the body and mind, ancient teachings revealed that our body, mind and emotions are part of one integrated system and when we influence one aspect of our system, we affect every other aspect.

Panchamaya—meaning “five dimensions”—is the world’s earliest system of holistic health and self-care that provides a full-spectrum of teachings for every layer of the human experience—including the body, energy, mind, behavior, and spirituality. This multi-dimensional model is a proven, tactical plan for optimizing health—and is the key to understanding the mission of wellness for the modern human being.


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Taking the Audit


When filling out the audit, you may find that more than one answer applies to you. Likewise, you may feel that none of the provided answers apply. Please select the answer that best describes you and your daily routines.



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BODY — Nourishing the Physical

1. I check in throughout the day to see how my body feels.

2. I experience tightness, tension or pain regularly in my back, hips or knees.

3. I experience tightness, tension or pain regularly in my upper shoulders or neck.

4. I feel strong in my body and confident lifting heavier objects.

5. Which of the following is most true?

6. When I sit for long periods of time, I remember to get up for movement breaks.

7. On average, I exercise ___ times per week.

ENERGY — Feeling Vitality

1. Most days, I feel enthusiastic, energetic and fully charged.

2. I describe my daily energy level as:

3. I describe my current sleep habit as:

4. During my daily activities:

5. I would best describe my normal lunch habit as:

6. I often experience digestive issues.

7. When I experience stress:

MIND — Sustaining Attention

1. In my day-to-day life:

2. I am able to concentrate on just one thing for stretches of time – whether at work or at home.

3. When I’m given a project at work:

4. In a high-stressed or pressured situation, I am usually able to keep calm and mentally clear.

5. I have a formal meditation practice.

6. When I have conversations with my loved ones...

7. I seek out activities that will systematically build my mental capacity.

BEHAVIOR — Shaping Attitudes and Character

1. When it comes to my feelings and moods:

2. I feel like I can manage my moods and behaviors for the benefit of my work and my relationships.

3. When I feel I need to unwind, I...

4. I do a good job of separating my work time and my down time. I leave myself unscheduled time to reflect or rest.

5. I have practices/habits/rituals in place to help me unplug from work/family life.

6. I think of my behaviors as something I can change.

SPIRITUALITY — Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

1. I can see a clear path ahead to my goals in life and/or work.

2. I feel I have an ability to state my truth in life.

3. I have consciously defined and prioritized my values.

4. I regularly cultivate opportunities to connect with my creativity.

5. I would best describe my morning routine as:

6. I would best describe my bedtime ritual or routine as:

7. I feel a connection with a spiritual purpose or source.