The breath is remarkable. You can learn a lot from the breath. It is profoundly wise.

It’s true that every emotion, physical condition, resistance, disturbance, or tension you have is connected to your breath.

Do you ever notice that you are holding your breath? Remember what you do when you are afraid, or tense, or worrying about something? Or how your breath is when you are feeling happy? Or sad? Or when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day?

It’s the breath that is carrying the message.

The breath can be your best friend. It can be a tool to balance, release, and free your mind and body. It can bring you strength and courage. It can calm you down or give you energy.

Breathing is an art.

But you don’t need to be taught how to breathe. Breathing needs not to be taught, but liberated.

Gentle, conscious, flowing, moving —

       the power of the breath.


(Photo: Lois Greenfield)



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