It’s important to distinguish and master the feeling of emotional wisdom inside yourself—so you can always have a reference point to come back to. When you participate with yourself every day by intentionally taking the time to tune-in to your present physical and emotional state, you involve yourself in the immediacy of your life. This immediacy brings joy. Even when difficult emotions come up, if you have a felt presence in your emotional awareness, there’s a rush of energy in what you feel.

Let yourself connect to the highest wisdom within you and you’ll find that any emotional distress will take care of itself.

Here’s a practice you can do at any time of day or night—especially during these challenging times:

Standing in the Flow

Accept the circumstances and events happening around you, but continue to move ahead. Be the master of your own movement. Listen to your own beat, stand in the stream, and you’ll know that it’s moving. You are never in the perfect flow. You are in your flow. Let life rush ahead and it will energize you!

Try this:

  • Take three things each day and accept them.
  • Don’t fight against them or see them as faulty.
  • Embrace them as if they are “supposed to be.”
  • Ask: Why is it good?

Now, stir your hopes for the future:

  • What is the most exciting possibility for me, right now?
  • Is there any new fear or belief holding me back?
  • How is my future different from my past? What can it look like?
  • What if….(any possibility at all)?
  • Allow me to rest in the mysterious present, and let my future unfold.

Do this inquiry again and again and you will reveal the unexpected magnitudes of what’s possible in your life.



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