We’re all living in an era of mass distraction, and it’s undermining our ability to perform at our best, focus on our work, interact with loved ones, or even enjoy uninterrupted time alone.

It’s already become my own personal dilemma when I find myself rushing around so much, that I don’t even notice how stressed I am or how I crave the tiny moments of inactivity and quiet. Because inevitably, these moments are soon filled up with more stimulation and noise. This is the gray zone where we’re constantly juggling activities and rarely engaged in any of them.

But I do know that the very act of taking the time to be alone in silence, to be lazy — without doing something — helps us renew and recover our energy so we can fill ourselves back up.

Setting aside this sacrosanct time is what we must grab and hold on to.

Because it’s the very thing that will save our imagination, our energy, our joy.


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