Spending time in nature reminds us that we must nurture nature as unfailingly as it nurtures us

Planet earth was an unlikely beneficiary of the pandemic, as stay-at-home orders helped reduce air and noise pollution, created cleaner beaches with clearer waters and let wildlife reclaim built-up land.

It’s an enormous silver lining we must maximize—not only for the environment but also for our own health and happiness. Right now, spending time in nature is perhaps the most effective way to accomplish this goal.

Research makes this point even more meaningful. It shows that being in nature is critically important for improved well-being, both physical and mental. A benchmark 1991 study revealed that “a 40-minute walk in nature, compared with walking in an urban space or reading a magazine, led to significant improvements in mood, reduced anger and aggression, and offered better recovery from mental fatigue.”


See the full article in Rolling Stone Magazine 



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