Breathing and Health

The ancient yoga masters developed the practice of conscious breathing to balance the emotions, clarify the mental processes, and integrate them into one functioning whole. While it is well known that breathing has a significant impact on the brain, through the yogic techniques of pranayama you can learn how to regulate your physical and emotional states.

Effects of Breathing

Breathing balances the mind and brings concentration, mental vitality, and the ability to discern your emotional perceptions. Breathing is a mirror of the body and mind’s reactions. It acts as a kind of safety valve: If you’re overstressed, your breathing is irregular and short; if you’re happy, your breathing is steady and long. Therefore, by ovserving your breathing, you an be alert to what is happening within your body and mind. Once you learn about the infinite variations and modulations of your breath and how they affect you, you can balance how you feel at any time and in any situation.

Try out this breathing practice and take time to do it whenever you can. It will help you build your lung capacity, create resilliance and strengthen immunity—while at the same time, deepening your understanding of yourself.

Breathing is good for you!


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