The Fear of Painful Emotions        

By BijaB

Why are we afraid to feel? Emotional energy is poweful, and dealing with it can be scary. In fact, sometimes it's so scary that we completely shut down the flow of our emotions and justify it with a myriad of reasons: We tell ourseles we're too busy to deal with them. They're interfering with our work right now. Unpleasant emotions are a wast of time. They're embarrassing. They make us look week.

So, rather than choose to feel them for long, we decide that it's safer to hold them in, block them out, or push them away.

But by moving through your fear of feeling, you allow yourself to feel all the ways you can feel, and this changes how you feel. Besides, by learning to feel, you become wiser and less fearful, not just about your own feelings but about the feelings of others.

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