Telling Your Emotional Truth

By BijaB

First, you have to NOTICE the truth. It requires your constant attention.

For some people, it's a struggle to tell the truth. Finding it hard to tell your emotional truth doesn't mean you will not be able to do it. It might mean just that the truth is too painful, or you don't know how to recognize it, or you have forgotten what the truth really is.

Part of the problem is that there are so many versions of the truth, it gets confusing. Is the truth something you have to reveal? Is it a matter of clearing up past lies? Is it about admitting how you feel the moment you feel it? What is the truth?

In yoga, "truthfulness" is a practice of observation, then verification. First, you have to notice the truth. It requires your constant attention.

As you become increasingly aware of your feelings, they begin to show you what is true. As long as you stay connected to your emotional truth, and then verify it through your experience, you will find that your life becomes more about doing and saying what you deeply know is true.

This kind of authentic "truth-telling" is like medicine. It becomes an act of freedom, an antidote to any fear, hurt, anger, and confusion.

Here is a practice for telling your emotional truth. Use it if you're having a hard time revealing the truth about anything. Remember: All honest emotions are positive.

Telling Your Emotional Truth: 

First, sit someplace comfortable. Tune in to your body, focus your attention on your breath, and listen to its rhythm. Put your attention in the area of your heart and ask yourself the following questions. After each one, close your eyes, take a moment, and feel the answer. Then, you can write it down as notes to yourself if you like.

  • What feeling am I allowing myself to feel right now?
  • What am I not allowing myself to feel?
  • Right now, what I am scared to say or feel is.....
  • What I really want to say or feel is....
  • In this situation the real truth is....

Once you're able to verify the truth, you can reflect on how to communicate it. The teachings of yoga offer some great advice: "Tell the truth that is pleasant; tell the truth that is unpleasant, but make it as pleasant as possible — and find the right moment to tell it."

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(Photo: Riot Girl, Jules de Balincourt, 2015)

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