Limb Eight — Synergy: Choice

By BijaB

We have two needs: maintaining our whole, and maintaining our part.

All of the emotional qualities and energies exist within the wholeness of Synergy, which is Limb Eight of Emotional Yoga. Synergy is the togetherness of all elements and contains a piece of each of the parts, because it is both a part and a whole. Synergy is the place of simultaneous order and chaos — the one and the many. It is the state of consciousness where all impulses reside. All options and all choices come out of synergy. It is the point of wholeness where we can reach into the infinite possibilities of all that exists.

Synergy opens you to new information, a new creation, a new way of feeling and thinking. From synergy, you begin to see the situation from a new place. It's like climbing up a mountain. At one point, the air changes. Suddenly you feel a breeze as you look over the edge of the hill to the other side. Ultimately, synergy is your capacity for amazement and love. In Emotional Yoga, you could call synergy a form of meditation, but it's more a way of living your life with a fresh, new, unbounded energy. Once you learn this kind of living in the present moment, you can take it with you everywhere.

Within synergy, we as human beings are simultaneously a part and a whole. Everything in the universe, no matter how large or small, is basically made up of parts, and at the same time these parts are fragments of a greater whole. We are whole within ourselves and we are also part of a greater whole — our society, our nation, our world, our universe. From the largest particles in the universe to the most infinitesimal ones, there are only whole/parts. When synergy happens, fear vanishes and you feel a relationship with the larger whole.

Ken Wilber uses the word holon to describe and define this concept of a coexisting whole and part. A holon is not a whole or a part but both a whole and a part. "A whole atom is part of a whole molecule, and the whole molecule is part of a whole cell, and the whole cell is part of a whole organism, and so on," says Wilber. In addition to maintaining its independence and sovereignty as a whole, it also must fit in as a part of something else. This is synergy.

As both a whole and part, we can expand to greater and greater levels of inner wholeness, but only if we're able to move beyond our outer selves. We have an amazing capacity to transcend — to incorporate what went before with fresh components to create something new.

Therefore, we have two needs: maintaining our whole, and maintaining our part. As we grow, we become more whole. We also become part of another whole. All growth occurs in this way — wholes that become parts of new wholes. Thus, a natural hierarchy, or holarchy, occurs, and we become conscious of higher or deeper dimensions of wholeness. This is what spiritual and emotional awakening really is.

Synergy says, Be a part and a whole — and a part of the very next moment's whole — and every expanding whole, indefinitely. If you return to yourself and recognize wholeness, you will create a bridge to consciousness and increasingly awaken consciousness. This is synergy's goal: to be conscious of the intrinsic oneness of spirit that we and all living beings are.

Oneness will bring you everything you have ever really wanted. It will bring you home.

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