Finding Your Focus

By BijaB

"Attention Training" is the key to helping you focus on what matters now.

Attention is at the basis of everything you do — your health, your relationships, your family, your work. But what happens when your attention is under siege?

If you're like me, you don't have time off these days. You're turned on constantly. Sure, technology is a value and it enables you. But it's dangerous and delusional to deny that our all-pervasive obsession with continuously being connected to computer devices and cell phones isn't making us more anxious, stressed-out, depressed, sleep-deprived, maybe even a little less self-aware — and certainly, less focused. Daniel Leviton's book, The Organized Mind, tackles this very topic.

Cognitive overload, and the accompanying effects of anxiety, forgetfulness, missed deadlines, lost personal and family time, mental exhaustion, and the ability to stay emotionally connected and get deeply involved in life, is being affected every single day. The challenges of stress, engagement, and recovery are the same for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are from, the continuous urgency, endless distractions, and technological lures are undermining your ability to live and perform at your best. Your attention is being constantly disrupted.

Ultimately, attention is personal. So when facing the truth in dealing with your ability to pay attention, you're going to have to deal with the most fundamental relationship you have — the relationship you have with yourself.

Try something:

  • Take a moment right now and give yourself your full attention. Turn your attention inside, even if you're reading with your eyes open.
  • Can you notice yourself being present? Stay with yourself for a few more moments.
  • Keep your attention within. Pull it into focus.

"Attention training" is at the cutting edge of neuroscience and the key to helping you focus on what matters now. Training your attention is easier than you think. Even something as simple as paying attention to your breathing is highly effective. That's why some of the most powerful techniques for finding your focus come from the ancient healing traditions where meditation and breathing are a part.

Here's a practice I call, "Finding Focus." It's part of a series of videos that help develop deep and sustained attention, now, and through the rest of your life.


I promise you, it works!

Try the "Finding Focus" Power Concentration Workout, too!

 [NOTE:] Scientists now understand that "with the right kind of stimulation and activity, the brain can dramatically change and remodel itself to become more efficient and effective in processing information, paying attention, remembering, thinking creatively, and solving novel problems.” 

Apps like Lumosity are “[using] this cutting edge science to create a set of web-based software tools that empower people to exercise their brains and achieve their maximum performance.”  Studies have proven this kind of attention training to be successful.

Discover Key Organizational Practices for focusing attention in my new FREE eBook, It Takes a Culture: Building a Wellness Strategy for the Modern, Distracted, Uber-Individualized Workforce.

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