Emotions Matter

By BijaB

Allowing yourself to feel is the first step toward developing emotional autonomy and strength.

Emotions matter. They can impact how we perform on tasks, how engaged and creative we are, how we make decisions, and how we affect the environment around us.

Emotions are not disruptions of an otherwise calm and reasonable experience. They're at the very heart of our experience, determining our focus, influencing our interests, giving meaning to our world. Emotions provide us with our most basic communication network within, helping us connect the incidents, the relationships, and the experiences that make up our lives. 

While it's well known that our emotions and our health are intimately connected, findings now indicate that emotions are a vital part of corporate culture as well. Fostering a healthy emotional culture in the workplace makes sense, and by allowing honest emotions and cultivating positive ones, it can create a community of trust, collaboration — even fun.

Allowing yourself to feel is the first step toward developing emotional autonomy and strength. It affects you and every individual, spilling out into an organization.  

Knowing what you feel, letting yourself feel your emotions fully, allows you to deal with your emotional experience and manage your emotional expression. It requires getting into your body, and out of your mind's distractions. It requires making conscious choices to cultivate the emotions you want, and shift your emotional state. This too, shifts your emotional culture. 

Whenever you're honest with your emotions, when you allow yourself to notice and keenly observe whatever is there, you are strengthening your emotional reality and building your emotional skills. This puts you at a personal and business advantage.

Let Emotional Yoga be your guide!

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