Moving Your Body

Life is movement. So keep moving, but do it in style. Put yourself in motion!

Skill in Action: Linking Awareness, Breath, and Movement


Life is movement. You can't stay in one place and continue the journey. So keep moving, but do it in style.

What Moves You?


Movement means life. Lack of movement means lack of life.

Cakravakasana: A Posture for Life

Cakravakasansa can be used in many ways to create different physiological effects.

Growing a Practice


Planting a tree is an act of optimism. You plant your tree with a sense of trust in the future. 

Do You Know What Yoga Means?


Yoga means relationship. Yoga IS relationship. And relationship is yoga. 

Feeling Your Body: The Body Awareness Technique


This is a simple process that allows you to stay grounded in your body as you work through your emotional fears.

The Workout: Feeling Great Again - Strength - Video


Strengthen the major muscles of your body for optimal fitness.

Back Strengthening and Focus - Video


This 7-minute daily practice relieves your back from sitting all day and helps keep you supple and strong. 

Standing Breathing Awareness - Video


This simple breathing posture creates clarity in your body and mind.

Low Back Support - Video


This 12-minute sequence strengthens and stretches the primary muscles of your back.