Managing Your Energy

Guides, practices, and tools to help you renew and manage your energy at every level.

What Does It Mean To Be Mindful?


If you're paying attenton to the latest trends, you'll know that the popularity of "mindfulness" is exploding.

The Art of Taking Time


We must slow down and take time to savor this life. We can go fast sometimes, as long as we take the time regularly to......pause.

Have You Heard?


Have you heard the song and silence of your breath? There is music inside your body. Yes, music.

What is Personal Power?


I've always wondered why certain people are considered "powerful".

Do You Know What Yoga Means?


Yoga means relationship. Yoga IS relationship. And relationship is yoga. 

Feeling Intelligent Through Breath


Who said that "thinking" is about feeling intelligent?

Experience the Observer


Dive deep within and discover what is real. Whatever happens, it happens to you. Whatever you do, the doer is you.

The Art of Rest


One of the most elegant ways to witness the landscape of your body-mind is during a state of rest.

Having a Listening Mind


Paying attention is not a narrowing-down process or a discipline of your mind. 

At Desk Calm and Focus - Video


This practice helps you increase your concentration at work or at play.