Discovering Your Spirituality

Notice the continuum of life happening all around you. Relax, pay attention, and get out of your own way.

The Bliss Technique


"The Bliss Technique" lets you absorb the experience of your practice and brings your awareness back to the Self.

Grow Wild


Oh, I that want to grow, the tree I look outside at, grows in me.

    — Rainer Maria Rilke

How to Commune with God (or, how to make Chai)


There are all kinds of rituals and practices that can get you to a deeper place. 

Deep Winter


Winter can be a personal time to re-evaluate and hibernate and just think about things.

What is Personal Power?


I've always wondered why certain people are considered "powerful".

Communing With Nature: On Sustainability of Self


Nature is the closest phenomenon that links us to what is sacred, higher, and emotionally whole. 

Growing a Practice


Planting a tree is an act of optimism. You plant your tree with a sense of trust in the future. 

Spring Cleaning: Practicing Purity


When I think of purity I think of pure, crystal-clear water, or pure, clean mountain air. But what does practicing purity look like?

Do You Know What Yoga Means?


Yoga means relationship. Yoga IS relationship. And relationship is yoga. 

Self-Study (Svadyaya) as Healing


"Self-Study leads to awareness, communication, and union with spirit."

— Yoga Sutra, ch. 2 v. 44